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Freeman: Guerilla Warfare To Show off Game in Livestream

Written by Norm

Freeman: Guerilla Warfare to Debut Gameplay in First Livestream!

Who doesn’t love a good strategy game? Sometimes there is nothing better in the world than unleashing your inner warlord and conquering your foes on the battlefield.  Whether a Microsoft Age of Empires style graphical feast that focuses on unit-to-unit combat or a more macro-oriented experience like Civilization VI, strategy games occupy a unique position within PC gaming, a niche that is not only beloved but filled with quality options sure to meet even the pickiest gamer’s needs.

First-person shooters give players the chance to be a footsoldier, a grunt in a larger conflict that is both bigger than self and larger-than-life in execution. Think Call of Duty or Destiny - these are epic experiences to be had for sure.  The best games now combine elements from various genres, fusing them into amalgamations of seamless gameplay and good, old-fashioned addictive fun.

Freeman: Guerilla Warfare from KK Studios is that type of game, and the devs are pleased to invite you to join them for the first livestream gameplay demonstration this January 5, 2018 from 7 PM to 8 PM. You can register to let the devs know you’ll be showing up beforehand and you can do that on their website located at the following link:

Taking the best elements from games like Mount & Blade and Arma, Freeman: Guerilla Warfare promises players the gaming experience of a lifetime. All the while promising to combine genres in a unique experience not to be found anywhere else.  Build your army, conquer your enemies, establish an empire to stand the test of time - all from a variety of gaming styles and perspectives. Sounds like a strategy gamer’s paradise, right?

Again, you can’t miss this event - a livestream straight from KK Studios - and, if you’re a strategy gaming expert, you owe it to yourself to join.

KK Studios is an indie developer focused on producing top-notch, open-world video games. They are bringing this speciality to the forefront of the development process with Freeman: Guerilla Warfare.  Freeman: Guerilla Warfare represents the culmination of hundreds of hours of development and programming, combining the best elements of industry benchmarks into a singular gaming experience.

A gaming experience that will debut for the wide world on January 5, 2018. And you can be there if you want to join. All live, all online on Twitch, the world’s premier game livestream service. You can check it out at the following link:  Coming to you live from Twitch, KK Studios’ premier of Freeman: Guerilla Warfare will show off the dynamic integration of a tactical strategy game, first-person shooter, and world conquest simulator that is sure to have players coming back time and time again.

The gameplay debut on January 5, 2018 precedes the game’s planned early access launch on January 18, 2018.   When you tune into the premier livestream from developer KK Studios, you will get a sneak peek at all the mechanics behind Freeman: Guerilla Warfare. KK Studios will show how you can rise up to a general commanding an army, engage in combat with foes, defend what you’ve captured, and much, much more.

KK Studios specializes in open-world experiences, and this expertise will be at the forefront of the Freeman: Guerilla Warfare user experience.   The debut livestream will show off how the game works on these two levels - commander view and field view. In the overworld, commander view, players can explore new places, engage in trade, upgrade existing structures or equipment, initiate sieges on rival territory, and even undertake objective-based missions.

The role of being a commander is tailored for the ultimate in immersive experiences. The interplay between the larger-scale view and the smaller-scale ground game will provide a lot of the foundation for Freeman: Guerilla Warfare’s innovative gameplay.

The switch between the grand overview and the on-the-ground footsoldier role provides a change in pace of gameplay. Tina from KK Studios describes it as, “It is more like Mount & Blade and Arma combined. In the strategy portion, the player roams on the world map, visiting various locations, trading, raising funds, upgrading equipment, accepting missions, and engaging enemy field armies or siege towns. In the FPS portion, the player enters the battlefield and lead the army to combat in first person view.”

KK Studios is considering multiplayer and cooperative editions of the game down the road but is primarily focused on the single-player experience which is what will be on full display January 5.

As stated before, early access for the game opens up on January 18 so this January 5, 2018 is really your first chance to see everything in action.

The devs are promising a really immersive experience as the driving heart of the game, hoping players really take to the role of commander and soldier to heart as they make their way conquering the world. The battles are promising to be massive and consequential. Amping up the epic feel of the game is how big of an impact each military engagement can have on your budding empire. Terrain will play a big role in both modes of gameplay and tactics will also factor in heavily into how well your side does on the battlefield.

Developer KK Studios hopes to grow a large and dedicated online fanbase around the game, saying “We always want to develop a tactical shooter that is not only focused on combat, but also on other aspects such as logistic, strategy, tactics and freedom to interact with the world. In general, we want to mix a realistic tactical shooter with a sand-box RPG which can bring you fun from a lot of different areas for example trading, combat, commanding, conquering and etc.”

If you haven’t already, be sure to head over to developer KK Studios’ website and let them know you’re coming to the debut livestream. You can check it out at the following link (

This is the best chance you will have to check out the game prior to early access on January 18.

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