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77% of the 9.739 user reviews for this game are positive



is a new type of first-person shooter combined with strategy game and RPG elements. Raise money, build an army, manage towns, wage wars and conquer the world with fine marksmanship and elaborate strategies.


About The Game

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare is set in a chaos world occupied by battling factions, bandits and warlords who seek to rule the world.

The game is about your career as a faction leader: Start with minimum assets, you need to make money, build an army, wage wars against other factions and eliminate you rival forces with thoughtful strategies and fine marksmanship and eventually conquer the world. The game provides a completely different shooter experience which strikes a balance between intense first-person action and general strategy.

The game's innovative combat system blends tactical first-person shooter with real-time strategy, allowing you to command an army, plan for tactics in the God view, while immersing in the intense firefight as a foot soldier, in the first person perspective.

What Media Say

This is a neat looking FPS / strategy / RPG hybrid, with several Steam reviewers drawing parallels between it and Mount & Blade.

Freeman is like a mix of Mount & Blade and Total War with a shooter part like in Arma 3

It has already met my Mount & Blade expectations and is making ground towards Jagged Alliance in its own enthusiastic way.

If you like strategy, FPS and management games, you’ll get all in one in Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare.

The game combines the best of Mount & Blade and Arma in the guise of an open sandbox role-playing game

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